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Osteopaths New Zealand is only as strong as its members. Join us today to support the vital work advocating and promoting osteopathy, and to be eligible for the support and benefits we can provide you.

To apply for membership, fill out an online application. Then pay your membership fee either by direct credit or by credit card by clicking the links below. Credit card payments incur a 2.75% transaction fee. 

The Osteopaths NZ membership year runs from April 1 through to March 30. 


     Please fill out a membership application form first:



                         Membership Application Form

Our current fees for the year beginning April 1, 2018 are as follows:

*If joining part-way through the membership year, you may be eligible for a pro-ratad membership rate.               Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before making payment for information on the reduced fee.*

 Full Membership: $487.09 + GST

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 New Registrant Membership: $243.55 + GST

(this includes new graduates, and osteopaths moving to New Zealand for their first 2 years of registration with the OCNZ)

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 Non-Practicing Membership: $121.23 + GST 

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 Student Membership: $54.15 + GST 

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We are also pleased to offer options to pay your membership subscription in installments. Click here to read more about our payment plans.


A Note on Trainee Scopes: Please note if you are working under a Trainee Scope of Practice this entitles you to our reduced rate New Registrant membership. As you have a practicing certificate and are registered with the OCNZ you are no longer eligible for student membership.