Courses & Events

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The Fundamentals - Myofascial Release Course

10-11 February 2018 - Auckland
23-24 February 2018 - Wellington
6-7 April 2018 - Tauranga
13-14 April 2018 - Auckland
4-5 May 2018 - Nelson
18-19 May 2018 - Christchurch
25-26 May 2018 - Dunedin
11-12 June 2018 - Hamner Springs

Myofascial Release is a highly effective technique that creates powerful change in the body. Sink into the body superficially to deep, learning techniques that allow you to work with less effort but compliment Osteopathic
work seamlessly.

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Advanced Upper Body - Myofascial Release Course

25-26 February 2018 - Wellington
8-9 April 2018 - Tauranga
20-21 May 2018 - Christchurch

The Advanced Upper Body course builds on The Fundamentals course, creating a comprehensive tool kit for all the muscles of the upper body.

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Advanced Lower Body - Myofascial Release Course

15-16 April 2018 - Auckland
6-7 May 2018 - Nelson
27-28 May 2018 - Dunedin

The Advanced Lower Body course builds on The Fundamentals course, creating a comprehensive tool kit to work all muscles of the lower body.

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13-22 April 2018


There will be 4 on-line modules consisting of musculo-skeletal anatomy of the fore limb, hind limb, neck and back including bio-mechanics, and basic pathologies. There will be suggested study followed by 4 written assignments which can be completed over 6 months.

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The Face and Cranium - ROTORUA

26-27 May 2018

Rydges Hotel, Rotorua

This weekend will focus on techniques for the face and cranium. Saturday will explore the anatomical relationship of the face and the cranium, also between the face and the cervical spine and the face and the viscera.  We will look at landmarks and practice palpation before learning specific techniques for the TMJ, the orbit and fronts-maxillary suture (in regards to the ethmoid). On Sunday we will cover headaches and migraines. Specific techniques for the individual bones of the face regarding different traumas. We will also cover the tongue, latching problems, malocclusion and teeth as well as the sphenopalatine ganglion.

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5th International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM)

6-8 July 2018


The 5th ICNM Congress 2018 is the largest educational event for all practitioners of Natural Medicine and therapies, bringing together the world’s most prestigious speakers and latest research.

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