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‘Osteopathy - playing a bigger game'

Forging stronger relationships with other professionals is one way you can work together to give greater value to your community, whilst also building your patient list.  Many people are unaware about how Osteopathy could help them and so end up going down the medical/surgical route, when they could have considered Osteopathic treatment. So Gilly will also be exploring how to share clear and consistent messages about your work.  Continuously educating and informing your community helps to get the message across that you're not just for backs. She'll also explain several different ways that you can connect with potential patients so that you become better known generally. Finally, Gilly will share how you can streamline your Practice to make room for further growth with real examples of Osteopaths who've done just that. 


About Gilly Woodhouse:

It was an organic journey that led Gilly to harness her passion for Osteopaths and business. She began by working one to one with Osteopaths to create bespoke ‘Patient Attraction Plans’ enabling them to grow their patient lists quickly. In order to be accessible to all, she went on to create online programmes and is now helping Osteopaths the world over.

Gilly Woodhouse is regularly invited to present lectures, workshops and teach marketing skills to the Undergraduates at the British School of Osteopaths, London School of Osteopaths and British College of Osteopathic Medicine, amongst others. Gilly has also presented classes to Osteopathic Regional Societies such as Oxfordshire Osteopathic Network. She has also been published in Osteopathy Today and has now helped hundreds of Osteopaths worldwide to grow their patient lists.



Mike Walker

Plato Creative

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'Digital Marketing and Osteopaths in 2018'

It's 2018, and we're all glued to our smart phones, liking and sharing our way through life. What does this mean for Osteopaths, and how can business owners leverage Digital Marketing to achieve a business outcome? Including an overview of how to navigate the Therapeutic Advertising Code.


About Mike Walker:

With a background in all things digital, Mike is responsible for the direction of many of Plato’s key clients. His experience in the emergence of the digital age sees him closely aligned to the strategy and delivery of business outcomes. Mike gets to work with our clients on the big picture around digital effectiveness, but more so, what it means for their customers and their holistic brand experiences. With an appreciation for the interconnectivity of brand, sales and marketing, Mike helps our clients set the direction of how to respond in a rapidly changing commercial environment. Mike is a member of the Institute of Directors.



Mike McCarthy


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‘Management of child health’

ACC are currently undertaking a significant piece of work that considers early intervention and the identification of risk for those impacted by family violence (including children at risk).


About Mike McCarthy:

Mike is in his third year as the Injury Prevention Manager for ACC's Violence Portfolio which has its focus on the reduction of incidence and severity of injuries arising from sexual violence, family violence and wilful self-inflicted (intentional) injuries. ACC's strategic focus in violence prevention and early intervention is for young people under the age of 25 to experience safe, healthy and respectful relationships whilst challenging the social norms, attitudes and behaviours to better support a healthy society.

Prior to taking up the role at ACC Mike completed 21 years service with New Zealand Police, with the last three and a half years as a Detective Senior Sergeant in the role of National Coordinator: Adult Sexual Assault on the National Sexual Violence and Child Protection Team. With a strong investigative focus in the area of sexual assault, Mike was heavily involved in the developments of Police's response to the recommendations arising from the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct, in particular the Police response to the handling of sexual assault cases.

Having started his professional life as a primary school teacher, Mike has continued to champion for the rights of children to grow up in safe and healthy environments that are free from abuse and neglect.