Executive Committee

Jessica Gamblin


Jessica is passionate about osteopathy and holistic healthcare. She graduated with the European School of Osteopathy in 2010 and has been settled in New Zealand since 2012. Jessica is aware of the need for support with our daily work life being quite isolating. She is excited to be a part of Osteopaths NZ and hopes to create more of a community within our profession.

Yohanna Ward


Yohanna graduated from Unitec in 2010 and has been based in Blenheim since. She enjoys helping patients with their return to health and believes the holistic nature of osteopathy has so much more to offer than many people realise. In joining the committee for ONZ, Yohanna hopes to help promote the wide range of benefits of osteopathy to the general public and to provide support and a unified voice for the profession. She views being part of the ONZ committee as a way of giving back to the profession she loves.

Rochelle Judkins

Communications Immediate Past President

Rochelle is incredibly passionate about osteopathy and the advancement of the osteopathic profession. She chose to become an osteopath after witnessing first-hand the benefits of osteopathic treatment, recognising the unique role that osteopathy has to play in the healthcare environment. Rochelle believes that the philosophies inherent to osteopathy have the potential to transform healthcare on a global scale, and is motivated to help improve and support the way that patients engage with health. Rochelle is passionate about helping patients to understand what their body is experiencing, and empowering patients to make the best decisions about their health and wellbeing. As President, her vision is to see osteopathy become a united, engaged, and celebrated profession in Aotearoa. Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari, he toa takitini. Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.

Kaspara Chaise

Student Liaison Member

Kaspara is a passionate Unitec-trained osteopath based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. His treatment style is based in a structural approach combined with functional techniques and foundational movement training. This variety is one of the many aspects of being an osteopath that Kaspara loves! In his role as student liaison, Kaspara wishes to support osteopathy students during a time that can be extremely demanding, and help them transition into practice. As a queer person Kaspara is well aware of the challenges the rainbow community faces. He is here to support other LGBTQIA+ students and practitioners and aims to help foster a welcoming and inclusive environment in osteopathy clinics across New Zealand for patients of all backgrounds.

Fiona Laryn

Conference Member CPD

Fiona's journey into Osteopathic Medicine began with five years of full-time study at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Milan, Italy where she obtained her D.O. Followed by Master of Science in Osteopathy from the University of Surrey in London. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and different backgrounds who present themselves with everything from sporting injuries to more complex cases regarding the central nervous system and and visceral dysfunctions. She believes that being a part of the ONZ committee is a great way to help her colleagues and the profession progress in New Zealand. Fiona works out of her Queenstown based clinic and when she isn't working you can find her snowboarding or out on the lake paddle boarding.

Jonathan Lloyd Paine


Jonathan graduated from the BSO in London in 1989. He worked in the MIdlands of the UK until 2003 when he immigrated to New Zealand with his family. Jonathan still has a passion for osteopathy after all these years and is keen to contribute to the profession if he can.