OSTEOPATHIC SPORTS MEDICINE SERIES: Assessment, treatment & exercise Rehab strategies, lower quarter

9:00 AM
6:00 PM

This is the first seminar of our exciting new Osteopathic Sports Medicine Series. This three day seminar looks at the assessment and treatment options of common sport and occupational injuries for the lower quarter incorporating exercise rehabilitation strategies and integrated manual medicine techniques.

Course Dates: May 27-29, 2022

Course Times: 9am-6pm all days

Course Location: Melbourne, AU

Early Bird Tuition (ends April 29th): $890

Full Tuition: $990

Places Available: 30 places

This seminar aims to provide a link for the manual medicine practitioner to apply current knowledge and expand the skill set between clinical skills and prescribing comprehensive rehabilitation strategies.



1) To introduce the principles of assessment and treatment

2) Review the diagnosis of acute injuries and chronic dysfunctions of the lower quarter

3) To present the application of osteopathic technique, motor point needling, fascial counterstrain and other soft tissue protocols

4) Explore return to play protocols and screening for the athletic population.


Course Presenters:

Dr Michael Kelly (HVLA)

Dr Stephen King (MAT Assessment)

Dr Heath Williams (Exercise Rehabilitation)

Dr Louise Bibby (Soft tissue rehabilitation strategies, lower limb risk reduction and return to play)

Dr Syed Hussain (Fascial Counterstrain)

Dr Jon Marshall (Motor Point Needling/Electrotherapy)

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