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Australasian Toyohari Meridian Therapy Program 2020

Mar. 7 - 8, 2020 Wellington

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Dates: Commencing 7 - 8 March 2020 [The course will consist of 20 days divided into 2 day weekends over a period of 5 months (120 hours in total)]

Venue: CBD Physion, Level 5, Hot Yoga House, 139 Featherston Str, Wellington


Toyohari® - East Asian Needle Therapy

Toyohari is a form of Keiraku Chiryo - Meridian Therapy. It is a theoretically simple but technically sophisticated complete system of acupuncture. It is different from most other forms of acupuncture in that it uses a more delicate treatment method, placing great emphasis on the use of pulse diagnosis and palpation skills. The Toyohari Association has developed unique training and teaching methods that can accelerate the learning of skills that usually take many years of practice to develop.

Evolving out of earlier developments in Meridian Therapy in the 1930's and 1940's, the Toyohari Association was founded by Kodo Fukushima in 1959. He and his colleagues decided that they needed to establish a separate Keiraku Chiryo organization to focus on helping other blind practitioners to study and practice. Since that time, the Toyohari Association has developed along their own path, initiating several new treatment methods, refinements in diagnostic and treatment techniques, developing highly structured educational processes, and training sighted students.

The Australasian Branch has developed a training program that follows the Tokyo and European based program. The Australasian Branch of the Toyohari Association is pleased to announce a Toyohari training program to be held in Auckland. Graduation from the 120-hour (20 day) program entitles the graduate to join the Toyohari Association through one of its Australian or New Zealand branches and become a Registered Toyohari Practitioner (Japan).

The principle purpose of the branches is to foster and improve clinical skills by providing ongoing study opportunities both in branch study groups and study sessions with senior instructors in Japan, Australasia, Europe and the USA. The Australasian Branch of the Toyohari Association has been established to provide the structure for these educational opportunities. Graduates will receive a certificate signed by the Australasian Branch and the Tokyo headquarters of the Association. Upon joining one of the branches, a certificate of registration will also be issued, which is renewed annually through the Australasian Branch.

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