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Become an Animal Osteopath

Feb. 11 - Aug. 13, 2021 Online

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Have you considered learning Animal Osteopathy?


The Diploma in Animal Manual Osteopathy (Canine Stream) is an online study offered by  London College of Animal Osteopathy, a global leader in osteopathic training for canines. Graduates earn the qualification of an Animal Osteopath, with a specialization in canine osteopathy. 

This program teaches osteopathic examination, evaluation and treatment skills applicable to dogs, but the principles can be applied to other small animals. In the preclinical module, students examine the philosophy and principles of manual osteopathy, structure-function models of health and disease and become familiar with the osteopathic assessment protocol. Clinical skills are taught by Prof. Stuart McGregor, DO, AO, over eight online learning units focused on the specific body regions.


To learn more about the Diploma in Animal Manual Osteopathy (Canine Stream) click here >


Feel free to email info@aosteocollege.com or call 833.201.3456 for more information. 

To book an online appointment with an admission counselor, please use the following link: calendly.com/lcao-animal-osteopathy 


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