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Micro Fascial Unwinding

Nov. 5 - 6, 2021 Auckland

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Micro Fascial Unwinding is a new approach to working with fascia and connects deeply on a subtle level.  The work invites practitioners to sense into the body, the tissues, restrictions, stored memories and body consciousness in an intimate and profound way.  

We will hold a space for healing by allowing the client to sink into a deep parasympathetic state.  Unlike myofascial release which works the fascia superficial to deep, ‘from the outside in’; micro fascial unwinding techniques will be working from the ‘inside out’, allowing the release of old trauma restrictions to unwind coping, protective and compensation patterns throughout the body. 

Beth Beauchamp loves to share her passion of fascia and myofascial release. Beth is a Medical Massage Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner and Health Coach. She has been working with fascia since 2000 and training since 2008.


This course is worth 14 CPDs.

To register for a course go to: www.mfrworkshops.com.

Course Fee:  $425