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The STRAIT Method Scar Tissue Release Seminar - The Foundation Course

Mar. 29 - 31, 2019 Nelson

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Fascial restrictions, scar tissue and adhesions can have a profound effect on the body, and often go untreated by therapists. Whether they are memorable scars like an emergency C-section, or less memorable ones like a mole being removed; they can cause significant issues by setting up pulling patterns and restriction that effect the whole body over time.

Scar tissue specialist, Marjorie Brook is coming to NZ in March/April 2019 to share her vast experience and knowledge about this very important work.

What you will learn in this 3 day course:

  • The long and short term effects of scar tissue - from the physiological to the psychological
  • The wound healing process - normal and abnormal
  • How to identify different types of physiological scars and understand their impact
  • The indications and contraindications for Scar Tissue Release Therapy relating to diseases, injuries, joint replacements and ageing factors
  • The anatomical, physiological & emotional affects of scar tissue on posture, circulation and range of motion
  • How to differentiate between the types of scar formation and their probable cause
  • How to assess fascial restrictions throughout the body
  • How to breakdown scar tissue and adhesions from superficial to deep fascia

Marjorie Brook is a International Instructor/Therapist. She is the creator of the S.T.R.A.I.T Method, a specialised therapy for fascial scars & adhesions. She travels around the world teaching her continuing education courses in Scar Tissue Release, Stretching and Strengthening and Body Mechanics. To learn more about Marjorie and her work go to www.marjoriebrookseminars.com.

Cost: $795 NZ; Early Bird Discount before 31st January $745NZ

Coordinator: Beth Beauchamp, 027 3636 880


Registration: http://mfrworkshops.com/mfr-training/workshop-registration/

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