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Membership Fees


Full Year Prices

Full Member $477.54 + GST

Student Member $53.09 + GST

New Registrant $238.77 + GST

Non practicing $118.85 + GST


We are pleased to introduce an option for paying your membership fee in installments.


The Installment Plan, available for both full and new registrant memberships spreads your subscription fee over 3 monthly credit card payments - the first on subscribing to the payment plan (plus a processing fee) and subsequent payments each month for the next 2 months. This subscription cannot be cancelled until payment has been made in full.


If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact us at info@osteopathsnz.co.nz.

And if you are joining us for the first time make sure you sign up to the site and then fill in the member application.